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About Us

The Beginnings

We started as a spin-off from a therapy group in 1986 and wanted to practice slow prolonged speech technique. Early meetings took place at the homes of group members and later at the offices of the MIND charity. With a changing membership, emphasis moved to sharing experiences, exchanging information and encouraging self worth and confidence.

We are now known as the Nottingham Self Help Group for Stammerers.


The group today

A programme of topics is produced quarterly and these are explored at our bi-weekly Tuesday night meetings at the Sherwood Community Centre, Mansfield Road, Nottingham between 7 and 9pm.Topics might include relaxation exercises. Speaking circles, play reading and, importantly, focussing on individual issues in speech.

We value the continued support of local NHS speech and language therapists who attend occasional meetings.

The group is open to people who stammer, and anyone closer related are welcomed along. We charge £2 per meeting and this fee goes towards the cost of the meeting room. In addition to meetings, some members have taken part in projects to promote the group and awareness of stammering issues.These have included newspaper articles, radio or TV features and interviews.


British Stammering Association

Several members of the group belong to the British Stammering Association (BSA), a charity which helps to support all whose lives are affected by stammering. Two of our members currently offer help on the BSA telephone hotline (0845 603 2001).



Looking to the future

We hope this gives you some idea of the group and how it works. The lifeblood of any group incorporates new members, fresh ideas and different approaches.The future of the group is in all of our hands. We will continue to meet the needs of the members and go forward with confidence in the knowledge that we can all help each other to come to terms with the speech problems that we all share.

We welcome any new members and look forward to seeing you!

Service Times & Directions

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Nottingham Self Help Group for Stammerers
Sherwood Community Centre
Mansfield Road (A60)
Sherwood, Nottingham